Trudy: I’m so jealous that you got to go on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine set. Did you get any scoop on the new season while you were there?

You may have heard that Holt’s nemesis is coming to town, but what you don’t know is that she is a woman! “It’s a person with whom Holt has a tremendous amount of history and all of it bad,” executive producer Dan Goor tells me. “There will be a lot of negative pressure on Holt and the precinct because of [her].” [x]

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1x01 | 1x20

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FOX All-Star Party

Got caught by Peralta and Santiago (x)

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We were in the academy together, and we hated all the drills, so now when we’re on a case and one of us says 1,000 push-ups, it means I’m so sure I’m right that if I’m wrong, I’ll do 1,000 push-ups.
It’s a pact we made. It really just means trust me. And I do.

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FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party on July 20, 2014.

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I know what you’re up to here, Peralta. You want an excuse to miss Santiago’s Thanksgiving dinner because for some reason you refuse to celebrate this holiday like a normal person.

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Season 2 Cast Promotional Photos

Anonymous →   Would you happen to have a link for the full video of the casts' win at the golden globes? :)

I don’t have a link to just the win, but I do have this download link for the whole ceremony

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